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Calgary’s family-owned lawn care and pest control specialists, committed to excellence since 2011. Trust us for local expertise and a personal touch.

Cougarstone Lawn Care

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Facing pest issues in Calgary? Cougarstone Lawn Care offers a full range of pest control services designed to tackle everything from vole invasions and ant infestations to chinch bug damage and perimeter threats.

Our expert team uses environmentally friendly, effective treatments ensuring your lawn is safe and pest-free. 

Cougarstone Lawn Care
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Cougarstone Lawn Care is Calgary’s leading service for tackling various lawn pests. We’re committed to eco-friendly practices, ensuring our Pest Control Calgary team is ready to handle issues from subterranean pests to those that threaten from above. Our sustainable approach keeps your lawn safe and thriving.

Vole Control Program

If you have little rodents called voles tearing up your lawn or digging holes, we have the solution for you. Our season long Vole Control Program will exterminate the voles on your property and keep you protected for the entire season.

Chinch Bug Control Program

Chinch bugs are a huge issue in some areas of Calgary and they can cause tremendous damage to your lawn. Our Chinch Bug Control Program will save your lawn from these nasty bugs.

Ant Control Program

Ants, spiders, and other creepy crawlies can really “bug” you when you are relaxing in your yard, and you don’t want them getting into your house. Our Perimeter Insect Control Program can help eliminate these annoying insects.

Start enjoying a pest free yard this summer!

Contact us for a detailed pest control estimate and discover why Cougarstone Lawn Care is the go-to for pest and rodent control in Calgary. Our trained pest control technicians are ready to deliver the best service in Calgary at an affordable price.

Vole Control Program

Vole Control

Battling voles? Our vole control services are second to none, employing strategic methods to protect your lawn and landscaping from these nuisance rodents. Say goodbye to vole damage with this expert pest control service.

Our vole control strategy includes innovative techniques aimed at protecting your lawn and garden from this all too common rodent. We understand the complexities of vole behaviour and use effective solutions to ensure they are kept at bay, protecting the integrity of your outdoor spaces.

Chinch Bug Control Program

Chinch Bug Control

Don’t let chinch bugs destroy your lawn. Our chinch bug control services offer thorough treatment in a timely manner to preserve the health and appearance of your turf, using safe and effective techniques.

By employing safe and potent treatments, we can halt chinch bug damage in its tracks, preserving the lushness and vitality of your grass better than even the top pest control companies.

Ant Control Program

Ant Control

Ants can be more than a minor annoyance; they can signal a larger infestation. Our ant control solutions target everything from the common pavement ant to the wood-invading carpenter ants, ensuring your property stays ant-free.

This pest control treatment uses targeted treatments to disrupt ant colonies and prevent future infestations, ensuring your property remains ant-free.

"I met the owner, he did my lawn, he was awesome. So nice and friendly and such a hard worker. I won’t ever have to call another company again. Loved it!"
Alexandra C
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"Mike has been taking care of my lawn for over 10 years and i am so happy with his service! He is honest and will tell me exactly what i need. He is reasonable priced and provides excellent service. You cant go wrong with Cougarstone Lawn Care."
Ezi B
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"Professional, curteous, accomodating service. Our lawn looks beautiful! Such a lovely job. Thank you so much! Highly recommend as a dependable company!"
Adi C
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Expect The Best from Your Calgary Pest Control Company

"I have tried a number of lawn care services, none are as good as Cougarstone Lawn Care."
Dianne S
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1. Notification before your service

You will receive an email the day before your service to let you know that you are scheduled. No one needs to be home, just make sure the lawn is free of any obstacles like toys and dog waste and that your gates are unlocked.

2. Notification after your service

When we have completed your service, we will put a sign in your lawn and leave a service card on your door letting you know which services were completed and any post-care instructions.

3. No impossible-to-escape “auto-renew” contracts?

We will NOT lock you into one of those impossible-to-escape “auto-renew” contracts that annoy thousands of homeowners every year. We will NOT automatically charge your card next year. You will receive a quick reminder when it is time to renew your package. We do not want to bind you to any “contract” or “auto-renew program” that is impossible to get out of. As long as you are happy to receive our service, we are happy to provide it.

2024 Pre-Season Sale on Now!

Calgary Lawn Care Packages

Explore our range of Lawn Care Calgary packages tailored for your green space. From basic upkeep to complete lawn transformations, we have the perfect plan for every yard. Ensure your lawn is lush, healthy, and green throughout the seasons with our expert care.

Cougarstone Lawn Care Bobcat Package
Cougarstone Lawn Care Lynx Package
Cougarstone Lawn Care Cougar Package
Cougarstone Lawn Care Rocky Mountain Package

Prices are per year, and lawns are up to 2000 square feet. Larger lawns will have additional charges. GST not included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our integrated pest management approach, commitment to environmentally friendly treatments, and dedication to customer satisfaction make us a leader in pest control in Calgary.

Yes, we offer comprehensive solutions for both residential and commercial buildings, tailored to address specific pest issues effectively.

We use numerous methods to manage a wide range of pests including, but not limited to, voles, ants, chinch bugs, wasps, mice, and more. Unfortunately, our services for pest control in Calgary are limited to outdoor exterminator services so we can not treat bed bugs or an indoor cockroach infestation.

Simply contact us through our website or direct line to discuss your specific pest problem, and we'll provide a free, no-obligation quote tailored to your situation.

Discover more about our services and how we can help keep your property pest-free at Cougarstone Lawn Care.

Author: Michael Denis

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